Morning Sun


Miserable Days Of Heat


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 7-3-2022

Today was a ragged day as the OFM got too hot while walking today and he was taking it really easy he thought. There was even a strong breeze most of the day but it was a warm breeze.

A lot of the day was meandering around saying good byes to folks that we have been around for the last three months.

A little touch up on the art work was tried but with using only a 12 pack of colored pencils the OFM is not near good enough at blending pencils to get all the hues he would like to have happen. But it was fun and here it is for what it is worth.

It is a miserable hot time here in the Rockport Texas area and we will be glad to get north into less hot areas soon. But it is really nice in the winter down here normally. It is time to get in some practice trying to have tooooo much fun in the shade of pine trees near the Tennessee River at Point Mallard Campground, Decatur Alabama.


  1. Yes, soon you should be in a more hospitable climate. TX gulf coast is, for me, at any rate, rather horrid in the summer and always has been - it's not just because I'm old now. Lay low and get things ready for getting out of dodge!!

  2. I am amused by your characterization of northern Alabama as being a less hot climate than southern Texas. Decatur is what, maybe only in the 90s in the summer compared with south Texas and its triple digits?

    1. But to me it seems that Decatur Al area cools more at night. and starts being less hot duration than the Corpus Tx area by mid July.

  3. Happy trails to you Barney. I love that Arizona picture! I look forward to grandkid art in Alabama.