Morning Sun


Health Improvement Day


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 7-23-2022

A major surprise today was how much we improved health wise over the course of the day. Considering how much we feel improved in the last three days the damage must have been worse than the Teams imagined it to be. But not we are definitely on the getting better trail for sure.

Our morning walk was gentle again because of some hip joint and knee pain. Part of that may have been because we forgot our morning two pill dose of ibuprofen. The lunch dose came about a half hour early and the rest of the day the pain was minimal thank goodness.

We wish we had a video of the fall because it must have been a doozy. But now we just need to get totally well by early September to be ready for whatever we choose to do when it is time to run and play when school is back in session.

The morning walk was nice and we concentrated on wild plants pictures. There were not a lot of them since the lighting was feeble most of the time. Here was a pretty dark stretch of the wooded trail for the most part. But we did get to a spot where the big trees had thinned a bit and a bright splash of sunlight got to the forest floor to let the ground flowers enjoy getting some refreshing sunlight.

At another location the shaft of light was quite narrow as it reached down to this leaf and a couple of friends enjoying the warm sunshine.

Over at the big Walmart for a short shopping event we found the gas price had dropped a nice amount since a couple of days ago.

And later in the day the OFM decided we needed some more gentle stretching walking and he was right. We stumbled on a meeting between representatives of the lower level vegetation and the big guys about something secret going on in the woods. They will likely announce the big changes soon for all the woods to enjoy.

And that is one way an easy day in Decatur Alabama can be used for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Bought gas in Belfair WA yesterday, $4.99 & that's the cheapest it's been a long time...

    1. I got over in that area twice during my five years of working over in Richland Wa. Hood canal area was a neat visit for me.