Morning Sun


Exciting Improvement Today


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 7-24-2022

There was a lot of recess time today so to speak. The HEAT and near no breeze kept the OFM activities down to minimums outside EXCEPT for the morning walk. The morning walk caught us completely by surprise. We got out about 0800 and it was only warm as we thought we were meandering along to enjoy the river trail along Flint Creek. The pace felt really good and the walking rhythm was just right. We made the turn from the parking lots in the Waterpark onto the gravel along the creek and it hit the OFM we were moving a lot faster than anytime since the concussion event a month ago. We stopped and assessed the situation to understand what was happening. Apparently healing had made a new major step. So we relaxed about the pace and let our natural speed just flow. Our natural pace is 2.5 mph from our experience with exercise speeds in the past. That was definitely a thrilling realization.

Now we relaxed a bit from the sort of worried attitude for the last four weeks since the fall and noticed our surroundings more carefully like this morning sun trying to break through all the foliage of the woods.

When we had gone a good bit farther the OFM body suddenly ran low on fuel about the 2.25 mile spot and we had to take it easier all the way back to the Castle but it still made for a major step up the healing hill. It was actually really exciting to the OFM.

We passed many deep shade/fresh sunshine spots all along the pathway like this one at a creek.

On the way back to the campground we broke out of the shaded pathway to the paved walk behind the soccer fields to see all this beautiful sunshine greeting us (and HOT air).

But we ducked into a shaded path as soon as we could to stay less hot while walking. It sure looks like we are making good progress on the head knock healing and that is wonderful.

We do not recall exactly where we found this nice cluster of colors in the vegetation but it certainly was brilliant and nice to see.

We can tell that a lot of the vegetation is already getting ready to start its decline in preparation for fall. We hope it is a really colorful fall this year and full of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Had to be away for a while, but it was nice this evening to see all the green (getting rare around here, dry and parched) and hear that you have been having days feeling better and better.

    1. Hope it was not illness for you or yours. Yep the Tennessee River is running full and we have had a minor rain about every fourth day.

  2. Glad you are feeling better and a bit spry go OFM!

    1. Thank you. I am better and feeling like I will recover in a few days.