Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Stupid Mistake on the walk.


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 7-30-2022

An attempted walk went sort of well for a while this warm morning. We were making a warm meander out of it down near the Creek. A scene looked decent so the OFM grabbed a picture of the scene. When we looked at the scene this evening as we started on the blog, the scene was not the one we planned upon.

We have no idea what happened but it is a nice picture of a set of leaves somewhere in the brush along the trail.

We moved on along the trail happy and not aware of the picture error.

We made about another half mile along the brush on one side and open country on the other. The open country side was giving us a little breeze. Shortly we came to the six way split of the trail and stopped to think a bit about the vegetation and breeze before choosing the next chunk of trail. The OFM slapped his leg where the water bottle was supposed to be and did not find our drinking water so that made the choice to head back to the Castle by the best route and we meandered on along the chosen route. At least the OFM did not try to convince the Walking Team that he was tough enough to go on along and tough it out. Back at the Castle we checked the temperature outside and it was 91F. Yep we chose correctly.

We set to work doing a coloring in one of the adult coloring books we have for coloring fun. It is a desert scene. Here is the usual trick pic to show what we are doing for fun.

When it got to be time we got ready to go to lunch and a rain storm moved into the area at the same time. Here is what we had at 1230 when we were leaving the campground for Lawlers and grocery shopping afterwards.

This was the gas price at Walmart today.

Back home and HOT/wet outside we just stayed in the AC and pushed colored pencils around on paper for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. $4.87 was cheapest gas in Bend, Oregon yesterday!!

  2. What is going on? What is the problem that the road was so dark and blurry on your way to Lawler's? What is that on your windshield? And what is the shiny part of the road? I can't remember when I've seen that.

  3. The blurry is the truck bouncing on the road. The dark was the heavy clouds. The windshield was heavy rain, the shiny is the water reflecting light off the road. You will get to relearn all this when you folks in central Texas get some rain again.

    1. I'll be waiting. And looks like, waiting, and waiting, and then waiting some more.

  4. sounds like another successful day in retirement.

  5. That was a smart move on heading back to the Castle for some water.
    Even as far North we are from your location our wet days are far and few between.
    I'd be happy to see Gas prices that low here.
    Stopping at that Steak & Shake is a great and tasty way for having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. That steak and shake is out of business. I took the picture from the Walmart parking lot.