Trip Plans


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 7-4-2022

Since we have too much heat for the OFM to stand running around outside for much lets just talk about route and trip details while sitting in the A/C of the Castle. We have done this trip at least twelve times we think so we know it fairly well.

First topic is the heat. To comment on NAN's comment from yesterday.

The source of the data is US Climate Data from the internet.

City AVG hi/low for the month of July

Corpus Christi Tx 92/79

Decatur Al 87/72

So yes it seems cooler in Decatur to the OFM Teams, especially the OFM with three previous heat strokes under his hat.

Meanwhile our route going has been in the past basically the same path each year. We start along the lower Texas coast and make our first camp in Lexington Texas at a nice peaceful campground named Sonny.s.

The next morning we roll out at our normal 60 mph to the highway of choice to Martin Creek Lake State Park near Tatum Tx for a nice stay for a night or two after the 200 mile tow.

Now we go for the the two parts of longer runs. The third travel day is from Martin Creek SP out to Interstate 20 going east to Morton Ms, and Roosevelt SP. Be sure and ask for your senior discount. We find it a nice 310 mile tow. There is an easy in and out WITH THE TRAILER gas station across the road from the park entrance we use.

And now for the end run back out on I-20 and along to I-65 junction in Birmingham Al. Turn north and run until you get to the Decatur turnoffs and follow the maps for your route choice to Point Mallard Campground. Check their website for the couple of in town turns to get to the campground. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STAY THERE WITHOUT RESERVATIONS ANY MORE.

This run from the Mississippi SP to your campsite will be about 290 miles of good highway.

And that is a normal style of travel distance and time for the OFM Teams when they are “trying to get somewhere”. Otherwise we do not get in such a hurry. But what do we know, we have only been doing this since 1972 in one form or another.

And there is our plan for the next four days of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Practice makes perfect so after that many years you have that trip down. :) Have fun Barney.

  2. Safe travels to Point Mallard and good ol' Lawlers BBQ.

  3. Be safe Barney and enjoy the road music. Just my opinion, but take I-220 around Shreveport/Bossier City. It is smoother roads and less traffic.

  4. An average of 87 is still too high for me. Our local Michigan county July average: 77/53. My personal ideal is right around 70.

    If you ever decide to vary your stops, there's a really nice National Forest campground near Minden, Louisiana. We found it by accident a few years ago. IIRC, it's on Caney Lake and is only a few miles off I-20.