Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 7-19-2022

It has been a decent day today except for the OFM forgetting things like putting the memory card back in the camera after transferring pictures to the computer last night. So the nice 2.5 mile walk did not bring home any new pictures. That KNUCKLEHEAD. The card is back in the camera tonight. At least we increased the distance today with no injury or misery. We plan to hold this speed and length for another week before an increase. Healing needs to be done gently when you are elderly.

The OFM's severely worn color wheel for art needs was thrown away before we left Texas as irreparable and the OFM uses one A LOT to get the colors right for in a painting. Today we stopped at Hobby Lobby after lunch to check for a new one to help us get paintings set up better color wise.

They had the small size one that we think will work a lot better for the Teams. The original one was about twice the size of the new one. It really helps the OFM make better choices in the color to use in his paintings.

The painting we have been working on now and then for several days will start to look better soon we hope. Here is our usual trick glance at the current painting in progress.

This is at the watercolor under painting stage. We have to yet make a couple of big decisions on what direction we will take the whole picture concept. Art is a whole lot of work for the fools like the OFM.

On the medical front, more reading about the OFM's concussion progress yielded that he is on track to be healed in about six more months or so. But we are relieved that it looks like he will eventually heal. We have a lot more folks we want to irritate yet. And even more trying to have tooooo much fun to do.


  1. Glad to hear you are healing. At our age, it takes a while! I admire your painting. It was something I thought I would try but never got there. Just your drawing is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. There is still time. In my case I do things just for the fun of the learning no matter my success level from the learning.

  3. Since you are still healing from your head injury by extending the time of recuperation will guarantee your having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your morning walks.

    It's about time.