Cool Day


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 7-13-2022

Light rain was hitting the Castle when the OFM awoke the first time about 0430 this morning. Then when he awoke the next time about 0645 it was still intermittent rain. So we went about our usual slow getting it together in the morning. When it was later the rain stopped and we headed right on out to walk in the cool air. We quickly realized that long pants would have been better with the cool breeze included with the cool temps.

As it was by the time we got in two miles of peaceful pace effort in the temps had moved up just enough to be perfect. After a shower we dressed and headed to a store. Sierra was showing 77f and we rolled the windows down. Wow that was nice.

The package we were waiting on arrival today came in right on time with the art supplies we ordered. So far it was a great day. And the Lawler's lunch and supper was excellent. We could stand some more of these doors and windows open days around here.

Some RV Parks like this one use loose gravel on the sites so they can give them a swipe with a grader blade to keep the sites pretty level. That means that when you back onto the site you get a surface that ruts a bit. What we have found is that the surface moves around a bit too much when you attempt to level and steady the rv. What we have found to be a decent procedure is to back onto the site to the spot you want. Have the tires on any leveling pads you choose and let the stabilizer jacks stay up for a night of folks moving around in the rig. That seems to get the wheels settled into place. Then the next morning set the stabilizer jacks down on pads to spread out the load on the gravel better. Then by the time the stabilizers have the rig stable and level they will hold the rig in place with very little gravel shifting requiring another leveling.

Our experience with beach type sand and leveling and stabilizing is that no matter what folks moving inside the rig will cause the sand to move and need another leveling within another day no matter what.

This may be just our feeling but there it is for you to make the judgment about it but it works for us.

We are hoping to get in some river trail time in tomorrow as a way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Cool temps? Pants? Open windows? Lawler's? Now you're just rubbin' it in!

  2. Ditto to Andy. Though I haven't ever had Lawler's. But I trust his and your judgment. And the trailer leveling process sounds eminently sensible and labor saving. (If I had a trailer, I'd try it.) Keep on enjoying!!

  3. I've never eaten at Lawler's either but have been following the OFM for a long time and know he tells the truth! I also appreciate no politics on a blog. That's my kryptonite.

  4. Keep in mind Lawlers does not cook beef.

  5. I respect that. Real South bbq .