Tarzan Time


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 7-12-2022

It was Tarzan time this morning to leap from ladders to rv roofs and scramble up ladders and ramble around on structures where the OFM did not belong. In other words after three days of preparations for caulking cracks in the seals of the Castle it was do it day.

We got the ladder ready and all the trouble spots scrubbed clean for the application of new caulk in the trouble areas. The OFM was definitely extremely careful with this effort today. A healthy person was looking at under an hour for the whole job. The OFM made it at least a three hour job with all his safety whining. But the final outcome is nobody got blooded and the job got done well we hope.

Lunch got here and away we went chasing stuffed baked potatoes to beg the OFM to eat.

We ate half of the Lawlers potato at lunch and finished it off tonight for supper. Tonight we are finding several sore OFM muscle spots from all the monkey business on the ladders and roof.

Here is the campsite about noon just before we rolled out for lunch. Some have been curious how well the panels do with the shady trees all over us. How about a plain old fact for an answer. Remember that the AC, microwave and water heater do not access the 12v system. All the rest of the Castle runs off the 12 volt system year round. Here is a photo of the meter reading at 1845 tonight right after we cleaned up from supper.

We have plans to discuss setting up a rig when setting up on loose gravel tomorrow. There are some techniques to doing that that really help us.

In the mean time we are planning a heavy duty pass out to rest up for a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.



  1. Well, you seem to have bounced back in spectacular fashion. Roof work!! Geez. I remember a woman who was a lot older than me telling me long ago that she could still do what she wanted/needed to do, it just took her a lot longer. Sure is true for me now. Glad you stayed safe and took your time.

    1. I am not back yet just more functional than last week and tire out pretty quick.

  2. P.S. I guess that's why we're of "retirement age" for sure. Nobody would pay by the hour. They might pay by the job though!

  3. Treating your brain as if it is a muscle is good. Taking your time and resting when you are taxed is perfect.

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    1. I especially like that they tend to use less salt in preparation.