Morning Sun Rise


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 7-26-2022

A wonderful morning got things going for the Teams. The temperature was about 76f with a slight breeze. It certainly was good for fast walking. We choose a set of loops that stayed on the paved surfaces so we could try to get our speed up on the walk this morning. We did accomplish that well. When we got back to the Castle from our shorter but faster walk the OFM was huffing and puffing but feeling great.

While sitting at the do everything table this morning cooling down the OFM noticed that we seemed to never show what the conditions right at our trailer are like. So here is the view from our do everything table when we are at the Castle doing things.

As soon as the OFM cooled down and we got showered clean we set off for our dental maintenance visit. The traffic was just right and we had a couple of minutes to spare in the travel time.

The hygienist soon called us back and the work began. Several things in the last year had held us back from the usual interval between cleanings and exams so we expected consequences. But the cleaning went well and there were two spots that needed a bit extra cleaning but everything else was good. Then the dentist came in to check his stuff and probed around a bit. Then put his tools down and told the OFM he has been doing a great job of keeping the teeth in proper shape and we were finished for another year. WOW that was good to hear.

We went from the dentist to Lawlers BBQ for a Tuesday Super Stuffie Tater for $7.50. We chose shredded pork for our meat. We ate half for lunch and the other half for supper and we feel we over ate on both meals. OINK OINK

After taking a few minutes to digest and de-bloat a bit the OFM started to work on the current painting and surprisingly finished it. Check out Morning Sun Rise for your enjoyment. This painting started life as a page from an adult coloring book. The OFM added all of the background and a bunch of the detailing in the fore ground and a few other minor details.

All colors and application of shading and hues are OFM choices.

And then this evening we went out for a nice walk again before we got busy writing tonight's blog entry.

The OFM is planning a long deep nights sleep after all this trying to have tooooo much fun today.


  1. You did a wonderful job on the Morning Sun Rise and the colours are the perfect shade.
    Keeping up with those morning walks and good dental cleaning are all ways of having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Great painting!
    I respectfully request a pic of stuffie potato. I enjoy the Pavlov's dog feeling.

  3. aww this is a beautiful picture. Your skills have certainly improved this year. You sound like you are close to your old self. This is a good thing:-)