Tree Root Caves

Adventure Location:  North Alabama

The Teams have been watching this tree fight with the shoreline erosion for seven years. The erosion will win but it is really having to work at that tree. This is a recent picture taken from out on the lake bottom a few feet from normal shore edge.

There are critters that reside in those “caves” in the shore and tree roots. Notice there is even fungi living in the interior parts of the complex. This is the first time the OFM could get down in the rocks to get the picture. His camera was actually pointing nearly back at the normal shore ledge. It was a fun picture to take.

The exact location of this fungi is not remembered but it was somewhere on the latest couple of walks or bike rides. Some times it seems the OFM takes too many pictures, but he really cannot help himself. The biggest “leaf” of this fungi is about the size of a mans hand. It looked like some granular enhancements had been sprinkled on pancakes didn’t it. For some reason the camera would not take a accurately focused picture but this will get the job done.

And this next picture is the tail end of the number 2  golf course hole water hazard. As you can see it was very still up in the trees. That dirty gray water is actually extremely clear. The gray is actually the color of the bottom mud about 12 inches down. The reflections are really sharp in real life. I be this spot would make a great fall color spot in a few weeks.

Tomorrow is a go visit the grandkids day. The OFM has been exercising his kid tickling finger all week in anticipation of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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