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Dedicated to Darrell

Adventure Location:  North Alabama

This blog entry tonight is dedicated to Darrell and his famous “Thinking Benches”. He writes a neat blog and travels when his situation allows him the time. Check out his blog


This thinking bench is on the bank of Flint Creek off Wheeler Lake along one of the many walking trails in Point Mallard Park. It is a pretty good spot most days if it is not raining. The OFM has got one part of the bench shined up pretty well.

The soccer field near the Castle gets a new paint job on Friday mornings in preparation for the weekend games. The fellows spend a lot of time getting them marked just right and pretty.

There is finally some significant fall color coming to the area. We caught this bit of color yesterday over near the soccer field.

Between the trees and the freshly painted soccer field there is a lot of color to enjoy.

Tomorrow is going to be another very busy day. We are starting preparations to move in two weeks. It has been nearly three months here and it has been very enjoyable. But you know that old saying “fish and visitors stink in three months”. So it is time for the Teams to search other locations for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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