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Nothing Happened Today

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

The day was so exciting the OFM had to decide between the last two reflection photos or a series of pictures showing how he puts the peanut butter on his pancakes to maximize the syrup retention. Now that was a hard decision for him.

There is a foot trail along both sides of the creek coming off Flint Creek near the Castle. This next reflection was taken looking toward one of the several soccer fields. Look carefully and you can see bits and pieces of the trail on the far shore.

There are several places like this one in the next picture. It is right side up as you see it. It also has part of the hike/bike trail showing on the far shore. We were standing near the water on our side of the creek when this picture was taken. A moment a biker came easing by and stopped to enjoy the scene. We had a nice but short visit and she headed on her way. That sort of thing happens a lot on this trail.

Both of these pictures came from a few days ago. The wind has been making ripples for the last three days so we have not had reflections. Maybe BBike and the OFM Photography Team needs to take a few rides around now that the leaves are starting to change and fall.  By the end of October it will be getting brisk in the mornings. Yep that sounds like it might be a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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