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Weather Report

Adventure Location:  North Alabama

Please keep in mind the OFM is trying emulate a TV reporter trying to sound important in this report on Nate passing through the area.
This is David of See B S.  As we waited in apprehension for the onslaught from Hurricane Nate we could only speculate on the amount of devastation we would be seeing from nature. The wind and rain kept increasing as we watched the trees writhing in the horrific winds. Trees lost limbs all around us, slamming into trailers and vehicles at random places.

The excessive rain was causing the streets to run in torrents threatening to wash away any drivers and vehicles foolish enough to attempt to do battle with the speeding water on the roads.

And all around us the flooding was threatening to wash away trailers with the people in them.  The utilities were imminent to being flooded and wiped out for weeks. You would be taking your life in your own hands to attempt to wade to safety at this late date. We can only hope and wish you the best of luck.

The local drainage is badly overwhelmed. There is no relief in sight and the authorities are already overloaded. As you can see here

we have to be very careful to not get too near the raging water lest we be swept away to our unknown fate. I hope the President will quickly send aid to help us with this catastrophe. This is David Dingbat signing off. 

Now let us do it the OFM way.

Howdy folks. This is the OFM from North Alabama reporting on the last of storm Nate. The eye has just passed us to the east and things are looking good. It has been a good morning to stay in the Castle and clean house.

We did get a moment of excitement when the small old rotten limb nearby fell and broke the clothes line. It scattered campfire kindling size twigs on the ground and Sierra but no damage was done.

Out on the street it was damp with a trickle of water meandering down the ruts worn in the pavement. It is a good place to clean the mud off your shoes before coming back into the air conditioning of the Castle.

The low spots around the area barely have enough water to make any mud. In fact, as he is grilling steaks, one neighbor is blowing the leaves and other small twigs into a pile for tonight's campfire at his site.

After a month or more since the last rain, the little creek nearby finally has enough water so the lawn guy will not have to mow it  for a week or so. This should give us a few days of good weather that will be great for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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