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OFM gets Bit

Adventure Location:  North Alabama

Reality bites the OFM right on the backside. For the last few months the OFM has been dreaming of going back to the southwest during the winter. He has been bothering folks about details of boondocking locations and many other things. So here we are a couple of weeks from rolling and the Teams have had to have a serious talk with that guy. His left eye has been getting much worse faster than any previous time. He says he can just work around it and lots of other nonsense. Is he hardheaded? Naw, hardheaded would be an improvement.

So a little before 1500 today we pulled the BIG gun and brought grandkids into the fight. How would you like to get out in nowhere and have it be a retina detachment or some bad disease that could have been handled when treated properly. Then we nailed him. A live grandpa tickling a couple of grandkids beats the memory of the grandpa they used to have.  We know it was a low blow but it was necessary we feel.

We have to give him credit for a quick decision once reality bit him on the butt. Bam just like that he was busy getting a campsite back at Rockport where the fabulous eye doctor is that he has been using. Everything not pertaining to his eye health trouble has been put on hold. October 30 we are rolling to get proper eye care and keep his health as good as possible. It has pained him to have to put off the westerly migration.

Then today the scratchy throat and general ill feeling of a virus coming on hit hard. It could be a kindergarten virus from Gavin OR a symptomatic reaction to the flu and pneumonia shots he got yesterday. We are hoping for the trouble to be the normal reaction he has to flu shots. We will know in a few days.

Then to top it off (we hope), the Team credit card chip has failed and a new card is being sent. It will go to the Escapees address. They could not guarantee it would be able to get to Alabama in time for our departure.

With a little luck that will be all the trouble for a good while.  We also apologize to all those we bothered about the SW trip, but we still plan to use the information as soon as the health situation allows us to. At least the flounder run will be in full swing when we get to Rockport. Catching and eating flounder is an excellent way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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