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Hippo Trail

Adventure Location:  North Alabama

The OFM was waddling his way up the bank of Flint Creek. He leaves a wide path when he waddles up a creek bank. No body would mistake it for an alligator trail, but maybe for a hippo trail. Anyway he made it over the edge of the bank to the level ground. And there it was! A bit of a tree or something with sort of oak tree leaves but really different than any we can recall seeing before.

The leaves were about eight inches across.The OFM hand did not come close to covering the leaf. If some reader can identify it please do.

There are some fruiting trees in the forest around here. The fruit is round, about an inch in diameter and green at first.  Then turn a light purple/pink color.  The flesh looks edible but even the OFM was not stupid enough to try eating one without identification. Here is a picture of a limb with several fruits ripening.

Once again identification would be appreciated.

Over by the swamp is a tree that has fall leaves that are a strong red. The berries are a very dark blue/black with very shiny skin. They are the most vibrant color we have seen this year on the vegetation of the area. 

We, again, have no idea what the brand of tree this is. If you think we are meandering around in a stupor of knuckleheadedness trying to have tooooo much fun, you would be right.

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