OFM Rig @ Amistad NRA Camping Area


Great News

Adventure Location:  North Alabama

The sky was clear and blue on this day. The trees seemed extra tall. The tree rats still had good aim with their droppings and the OFM head. Hats are important when walking through tree rat infested trees. It is also important to be careful when looking up to photograph tall trees that you do not step on or in something you might prefer to stay out of like poison ivy or other things.

At one location we found a lot of “vines” with “air roots” hanging down. Some of the roots were almost twice as long as the OFM is tall. He took several pictures but none of them turned out really well. This was the least not good one of the bunch. Those thin roots with the bright background were hard shooting.

According to an eye doctor, the symptoms the OFM is experiencing is something that is well known to happen in about 20% of older humans. It has no record of causing more trouble and is not “curable”.  That  was very good news since the OFM was terrified it was the pre courser to some dreaded event like retina detachment or worse. The OFM can be a bit of a worrier and this news certainly relieved his head.

Sometimes it is good to find your self a bit of sunshine and just relax.

Lazing on a log looks like it might be a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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