Adventure Location:  North Alabama

The flashing blue and red lights we could see through the windshield at the entrance to the campground did not look like good news to the OFM as we were returning from supper tonight. The very nice police officer told us there has been a major car wreck. They had set up a single lane passage for us to get back home. We passed at least two fire trucks and one ambulance and several police vehicles.  The OFM did not even look to see what happened, he was too busy keeping from hitting one or three of the busybody gawkers in the way of the emergency folks. We just cleared the area and headed to the Castle. Tomorrow  the event will be told over and over we are sure.

Meanwhile for those who as still unsure what a tree rat is the OFM managed to get a picture of one.

Those pests can and will claw/gnaw through an RV roof, under flooring or wall just to see what is on the other side. Nope they are not cute little critters to the OFM Teams.

Another unexpected picture that worked out is this one taken through about a foot of lake water a couple of days ago. Since this picture was taken the lake has dropped another two feet or so. 

Those “sea shells” are about an inch long. We have lots of them in the sand along the shorelines of Flint Creek. The OFM has been having fun walking along the banks of the creek lately since the lake is down over six feet. Many interesting sights are being uncovered with this lowering of Wheeler Lake. 

One of the more questionable discoveries is several picnic tables scattered around the lake that are normally under water. Why are they there? These are the heavy tables with curvy tubular metal legs. Several seem to be positioned in an organized fashion. 

It seems like there is always something new showing up to help us in our quest of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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