Morning Sun


OFM Teams Thinking

Adventure Location:  North Alabama

It has been an interesting day of negativity all around the Teams. The OFM took a consideration of it all tonight and decided he is still right in the way he looks at lots of life events. Fill in the blank as you choose. Here is three examples from the OFM Teams.

He is always happy when his ________ joints hurt because it means he is still alive to feel the pain when he picks up his grandkid for a big hug.

The nuisance of cleaning the bathroom means you are lucky enough to be able to clean the bathroom and have one to clean. 

The weather is nasty, the pier is getting sprayed with waves, the fish are not biting and the OFM is leaning on the rail with a fishing rod in his hand. Someone walks by and comments about not being much fun.  The OFM always says “Oh I am having great fun.  This is a fishing rod in my hand instead of a sledge hammer.”

Looking for a positive side of life is a wonderful way of trying have tooooo much fun.

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