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Syrup Dams

Adventure Location:  Castle Kitchen, Alabama

A reader wanted to hear about the pancakes so here it is.

Preprepared and frozen pancakes are removed from the freezer and placed on a plate. On our microwave they get a 30 second warm up to melt any ice.

The peanut butter is readied and spread on the pancakes in a highly scientific and calculated manner. It is very important to get it on the pancake correctly to properly utilize the syrup for soaking into the pancakes.
To spread the peanut butter use a table fork with the tines curved the wrong way. The peanut butter is carved from the jar with the bottom of the fork. Then the peanut butter is spread with the fork tines curving away from the direction of fork movement.

The swirls of the peanut putter must be put down in curves that form dams to hold the syrup in small puddles. The pancakes normally have a small slope to them that assists in the syrup puddling. Now that the peanut butter is applied to the pancakes it is time for another thirty seconds of the microwave.

The peanut butter has to be warm for this next feat of dexterity. The syrup is drizzled carefully so as to not WASTE even one drop of syrup. If you have done it right there will be small lakes of syrup soaking into the pancake.


Then it is eating time. If you do it exactly correctly there will not be enough drops of syrup on the plate to bother with licking the plate clean. Of course, there is not a picture of the clean plate because nobody wants to see a picture of an empty  plate. A plate of fresh pancakes slathered in peanut butter and syrup is a great way to start a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

Can you believe the OFMan actually made a whole blog on putting peanut butter on pancakes? With photos! Good Grief...............

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