Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Number Eleven Starts at Midnight

Adventure Location:  North Alabama

It looks like we are in for another pile of rain. The third big storm since August is taking dead aim at us here at Wheeler Lake. The projected path of Nate is right through this area. Of course we are far enough inland that Nate, like Irma and Harvey, will mainly be just serious rain. That means we will have time to clean house and smear stuff on paper in an attempt at art.

The OFM bought a leaf blower to help clean the roof and solar panels of all the leaves and small limbs that had collected. The OFM also got remembered that he is a bit wobbly to be running around on the roof without taking extra care. This is the first time he has used a blower in his life. In the past the Castle roof was always cleaned with a broom. The blower is a lot easier and faster. The solar panels still have to be washed before we roll.

And speaking of rolling, tonight is the end of ten years of rolling around the country. Tomorrow will be the beginning of the next decade of RV life. Old Fat Man Adventures still has five weeks before it is ten years old. It is a grand way of living. It also gives us many opportunities for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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