Watching You


Huge Snake

Adventure Location:  North Alabama

The evening was getting on toward dark but the path was well maintained so the OFM photography Team was meandering along like good Meanderthalls should. The OFM was watching the upper trees for a chance to grab a pic of a squirrel or two.

 The light was somewhat dim as he moved slowly along the trees and brush lining the trail. He glanced down at his feet for some reason. Did you know he is able to clear 85 feet of ground laterally  and obtain an altitude of 25.753 feet above ground from a simple standing broad jump. We were impressed!

When he returned to earth still clutching the camera, we were clapping for his performance. He was shaken it seemed so we asked what is the problem?

He said “That huge snake that I nearly stepped on!” According to the rest of the breathless story it was 3 inches in diameter and over ten feet long. Yep. Sure. Show us.

So we walked back down to the location where he saw the King Cong snake. As we carefully approached the location, we could see a long large diameter something stretched from the shrubbery into the trail.

The OFM got his nerve back and cleverly got the camera ready for a long distant shot. Click and it was recorded for all the world to see the snake.

We do have to admit in the dim light that does resemble a snake head enough startle a fraidy cat OFM.  And the long tree limb is mottled enough to resemble something you might not want to play with. And with the dim light you might at first not notice it is already broken in two places.

But watching the OFM doing acrobatics is a very good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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