Fresh Air for the Tires

Adventure Location:  North Alabama

We got the OFM off his sitting equipment and put him to getting ready to travel. Naturally he had lots of excuses but we persevered and a few chores got done. The most important chore was putting fresh air in the tires on the rig. All of them needed topping off with this blizzard weather cooling the tires and condensing the old air. The fresh air brought the tires up to travel pressure. All the tires were about four pounds low. We really do not want another blowout like a couple of years ago. Now Sierra and the Castle have tires that are both ready for the road.

After that effort we got more stuff moved out of our possession. The Traveling Team is getting close to about as light as we can get the Castle. By our information of the Castle’s factory empty weight of 4900 pounds and some measuring with the bathroom scale of our clothing etc plus the 160 pounds of water we plan on carrying, the Castle will weigh about 5500 pounds in rolling trim. That is about a light as we can get the rig and still be comfortable to live in it. That rolling weight leaves us with 2000 pounds of spare carrying capacity if we happen to need it.

During a walk the OFM was day dreaming as he meandered along when suddenly he realized he was next to a rock cliff. He jumped back and looked up at the blue sky and clouds and decided it reminded him of places he had been in the western states and how nice it had been there.

Now he is trying to figure out when we can make it back to some of those places to play some more.

Now and then we spot something new to the Teams. As we walked the path the luminescent orange/yellow dots caught our attention. They were coming from something laying in the path. In fact a lot of somethings. The OFM limbered the camera in preparation to doing some quick picture taking. It turned out he could take his time.

The somethings stayed quiet and posed for several pictures. It is the first time in our lives that the Teams, as best as they can recall, have ever seen this sight. The acorn caps just glowed. The acorns nearby did not show any evidence of the spectacular show the caps were putting on.

Finding something new that you have never seen before is a major event when you are out trying to have tooooo much fun.

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