Morning Sun


Super Stoop

Adventure Location:  North Alabama

What does the OFM do when it is cold outside and he is worrying with an important decision to make, he cooks!

Vegetables were prepared and staged for the big event. Then the freshly thawed chicken was cut into smaller pieces. The cooking pot was readied with Italian Salad Dressing for the oil for cooking and freshly ground black pepper was stirred into the dressing. A medium fire was set to warming the pot and lastly the chicken was put in to cook along with some garlic powder.

After cooking for two forevers the stoop was ready for more ingredients. The white onions, beans, two different Knorr rice mixes, celery, chopped carrots and some this and that spices were installed into the soon to be fantastic supper.

 Then it was all simmered as long as the OFM could stand it. OK that is enough. Time to eat. And eat he did and did and did and you know what we mean. After his arms wore out from eating too much there was still enough for four more meals. They were put into the freezer for future enjoyment.

Headed for the Freezer

The OFM likes to choose a deadline for making important decisions so he does not procrastinate (and he is very bad about severe procrastination) too long and fail to take action by the time it is needed. 1500 tomorrow is the deadline and he is still hem/hawing so we will have to wait for tomorrows decision. It is not life threatening or anything like that. However it is getting in the way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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