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Floating Away

Adventure Location:  North Alabama
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As we walked the trail sun glinted a bright silvery sliver of light right into the OFM’s eyes. Now what is that? Of course we had to slip over there and examine the culprit.

At first we could not figure out what it was hanging in the brush over there. As we got closer it was even more questionable. It was fine silvery strands of something reflecting the sun like a mirror. Then as we got very close it was obviously a seed pod like we had never seen before or at least in this state of producing seeds. It was beautiful.

The OFM got brave and lightly held the pod and turned it to see what turned out to be the seeds with plumage.  Really pretty plumage in fact. He slowly turned the pod until we could see the seeds. The seeds were not very pretty.

The OFM gently pulled a couple of seeds loose to hold in his hand. The silver strands were so light he could not feel them on his skin. They seemed to want to jump out of his hand and go flying in the breeze. 

Very carefully the OFM released a few seeds into the breeze and watched them dance their way down the trail and into the shrubbery.  Then the OFM got the wild idea to photograph them in flight. It is a good thing there were lots of seeds to release into the breeze because the photographing of seeds flying was not easily accomplished.

Below is the best picture we were able to get. Obviously the camera auto focus got the back ground instead of the seed floating away.

We think it is still a pretty neat picture anyway. Those seeds are now doing the same thing the Teams are doing. We are all floating away with the wind in search of having tooooo much fun.

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