OFM Rig @ Amistad NRA Camping Area


Beautiful Bike's Future

Adventure Location:  North Alabama

Between the rain, general humidity and heat, the OFM has been hugging the air conditioner ducts. However this afternoon he decided to get BB out from the rain protection and do a bit of riding. It turned out to be wonderful. Once we got near the lake there was a nice cooling breeze. Sweat still slid off his FAAT body but it was a nice breeze.

By the time we got back after an hour of riding, BB had to lean against a tree for a while to rest. Carrying that FAAAT guy is hard work. The OFM got BB stored back under the rain protection and headed inside for the A/C himself.

We re-investigated the proper exercising heart rate for an OFM of his age. The final number turned out to be anything in the 80-110 range during exercise. The OFM was very comfortable at 98-105 during today’s ride. It surprised him he was doing that well, but it is a good sign.

We are really looking forward to introducing Beautiful Bike to some western desert road and trail riding. No, mountain bike trails are not on horizon for the OFM anymore. We are talking developed social trails. You will see when we get there and take pictures.

When the Teams were at Oliver Lee State Park in New Mexico last spring, we did not have a bike at that time.  There were MANY miles of great gentle ridable hard dirt roads in the area. The OFM really missed SightSeer at that time but he knew he did not have any business on a performance bike so he just moped around with his lower lip stuck out.

Now we have a bike he can handle safely so it will be a whole new world when we roll west this time. BB is going to have a wonderful time learning all about thorns, rocks and loose gravel.

During all the weather induced down time lately, the OFM has broke out the art paper and started ruining it. Here is the start of the latest bit of chicken scratching in the dirt. 

It certainly has a long way to go but he is enjoying his attempt at putting on paper the picture his deviant mind can imagine. We think it is a good, safe way for an OLD FAT man to pass the time while trying to have tooooo much fun.

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