Morning Sun


Year 15 Survival Exam Report


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 01-09-2023

We have had good days of checking our ability to handle the sights to see ahead of us. 

The final answer seems to be that we are doing well at making our future 15 years seem to be an decent path for us to afford in general. That is wonderful. However it does require to be somewhat careful about excess spending on unneeded things in our future. So the final answer is yes we can be careful and everything will work out well.

Apparently if we are just careful about expensive unneeded expenses we will have a great life until the OFM expires. Who knows when that will actually happen?

It had been back at the retirement five and ten year marks when we did a life analysis of our money situation and we thought that a careful analysis of the current situation could be very important and it proved to be very important . One thing we have found out is that the every five year careful analysis seems to be just right with our standard style of life. It gives a lot of confidence that we are doing the travel just right when we have hit it just right at the five year, ten year and fifteen year retirement marks.

So now we can go back to simply just trying to have tooooo much fun for five more years.


  1. Yeah, figuring out how much you can spend for how long you might last is an interesting project. I'm impressed that you have a 15 year time frame. I'm kind of thinking 10 might be realistic for me....and that's longer than I would ever have thought! I remember when that news show came on, called 2020, and I was thinking whoa, that's along time away. Well, guess what.

  2. enter "life expectancy" in the search bar and choose the "ssa" site and they give you a 50% probability of your life remaining

    1. So nearly 90 (13 years from now). That's a bit longer than I expect, but I smoke cigarettes. Still not breathing problems, but it ages a person. And I'm just going on the usual female life expectancy of my family members. Anyway, onward and upward. Just read you're having trouble with the damaged eye.
      OK. I know I've told you I've been essentially one-eyed all my life. And have gotten by fine. Driver's license and everything. Only dings in my car that were ever my fault were from stupidity and inattention. And those were few. Being older would make it more difficult to adjust to using one eye. I hope whatever the troubles are with it currently can be dealt with.

  3. And, what are your plans for those years?

    1. Tom I totally agree but I am having troubles with my damaged eye again. You can be sure I will be rolling the second my injury is healed enough.