Storms Over Finally

Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 01-04-2023

We awoke to beautiful blue cloudless skies after two days of stormy weather and tornado alerts. This is nice.


The OFM legs were screaming for some nice walking in this cool 65f weather. So we gathered the garbage to walk down to the dumpsters to see how it looked after the storms. It looked wonderful so we crossed the road and checked out the woody area there, It was under water up to about a foot of water.

The campground was just large puddles so this surprised us. We were in for more surprises as it worked out. So we headed out on the path that goes around the golf course but is hard surfaced all the way. We did not want to get caught in any mud. The knees were doing well and we were feeling good. Away we went.

As we wound around the golf course we got to the large shallow lake that receives about 75% of the rain runoff from the golf course. Three days ago it was just a larg mudhole but the storms seemed to have it a bit over full now.

Right across the road from the above picture is where the pond drains into Flint Creek and on to the Mississippi river way down stream. We heard a nice water splashing melodious sound coming from the large drain pipe and rip rap area.

And this side was moving the water on to the Tennessee River just out of the picture. Even the egrets sink in the soft mud in this creek bed.

So we kept up the nice pace and got to the turnaround point and how well we were doing. Nope do not push it but do nudge the effort some. So we turned back and picked up the pace a bit. It quickly seemed to flow just fine so all the way back we kept increasing the speed a bit now and then until when we got back to the Castle we were at full walking speed for the first time in several weeks. YAHOO!

Any way we zoomed back past the dumpsters and made a loop through the campground and out the back to near the soccer field and around back to the Castle before we shut down at 2.4 miles for the morning. And the body was feeling just fine. YAHOO YAHOO.

Here is one of the several trees we saw during the walk that were new blow downs from the high winds. This one is right near the entrance to the campground and has been looking like a good volunteer to get knocked down any time now. Well now it gets to just lie around and rot for a few years.

A lot of time today was spent refreshing the OFM memory about some of the places we intend to roll to when we get going in a week. Our first major stop is Rockport Texas for a week . Then get rolling again. We do plan to come back to grand kid land when the weather gets warm. A good walk like today certainly gets the Teams anxious to get out trying to have tooooo much fun everywhere we can get to.


  1. Good to hear you had such a fine walking day. That is always a good thing.

    1. It was wonderful to be able to walk rapidly nearly pain free for a change.