Important News


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 01-02-2023

As we were gathering our thoughts and pics in preparation of writing this blog entry tonight we realized we had too much to say for just one night. So we will start with IMPORTANT NEWS from late last night.

The OFM has been hitting up the Texas State Park reservations site for several weeks now attempting to get a reservation at Goose Island SP near Rockport Tx. So he could visit some old friends before he meanders on westward. No luck on the reservations including the other three state parks sort of close. Then last night out of nowhere a cancellation must have happened and a reservation for the exact preferred week popped up as available. We grabbed it immediately. It is email verified and paid for. Now we will be there on the Texas coast starting January 17 for one week. Visiting friends and catching fish are the agenda. Another very important part of this event is we get to get adventures and pictures from a fresh area for a while. Also the weather is a lot warmer down there.

We are hoping that this is the start of a big loop over to the Rio Grande River and following it north for a good while before we head back to grandkid land for the summer fun.

Reservations for the next few weeks should not be needed since we will be in boondocking territory in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. But we are planning on a lot of foot travel chasing adventures with a camera.

We headed out on a training walk this afternoon when the weather looked rainy but no rain was falling.

We took this picture of the heavy cloud cover when we got to the start of the gravel trail at the creek. That stormy front did run us off the trail earlier than we planned but we passed an area we had not visited in a while and grabbed a couple of neat pictures while walking through the vegetation.

This first picture is a fluffy growth on some ground growing grassy sort of vegetation. It made some neat sticky fuzzy seeds.

Then right next door we spotted some really shrunken berries that were about the size of a penny when they were full size and a beautiful purple. Now they are just about ready to hit the dirt and be seeds.

From here we meandered on back to the Castle with a hint of mist in the air to a nice relaxing short nap. Mmmmmm that was good.

We have a bit over a week before we roll to make sure the entire rig is actually in good shape to roll. We arrived here July 7 in anticipation of leaving right after Labor Day weekend. But the office chair attack on August 23 delayed us for months until the doctor deemed us ready to travel in mid December.

Now we have to be back here in June for a final doctor visit, we hope final anyway. Now let us all get busy trying to wear out 2023 by trying to have tooooo much fun.

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  1. Oh good news that you have a place to go when you want to go there! Excellent. Not long now.