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Adventure Location: Rockport Tx area

Adventure Date: 1-26-2023

It was a day of lots of small chores intermixed with some fun and forgetfulness.

The first thing outside this morning had the OFM doing a bit of walking the loop road that encircles the camping in this area of the park. As we meandered the road glancing at all the different types of RVs we were wondering if a just right RV exists or can be designed for the OFM wishes. So far the answer is a resounding NO.

We stepped out of the roadway to let a camper drive by and decided that our readers needed to see the density of the difficult vegetation lining the roads and campsites. This area is mostly scrubby oak trees with thorny vines filling the gaps between the limbs. It is NOT just push the vegetation aside and walk style of growth.

After getting checked in and taking care of a bit of other business we were clear to mess around with whatever popped up in front of us. The State Park is across a causeway from Rockport. We needed to head to Rockport to check out the status of the beach area and marina for meandering. As we crossed the causeway the sky was beautiful and the clouds pretty.

We crossed that causeway about a thousand times it seemed to us today.

A glitch in our plans has popped up maybe. Today Sierra started the engine temperature gauge sending unit to not sending signal to the computer. That makes things not work quite right. So we did our diligent effort and have an appointment on Tuesday of next week for Craigs Auto Shop in Rockport to get Sierra back in good running shape again. We have plans already to head out Wednesday February 1 heading westerly. Now we have to add if Sierra is ready.

The OFM was hearing funny noises when we arrived yesterday as he opened the door of the Castle. The refrigerator was screaming it wanted 120VOLT electricity or LPG RIGHT NOW. It had run out of LPG during the trip here. Well guess what Old Fat Fool forgot about the LPG since the Park campsite had 120 volt electric and we are plugged in. Yet that was him. It was a bit late in the afternoon but we grabbed the empty bottle and headed over and got it filled for $17.50 for the 20# bottle. When we left the full bottle started feeling lonely since nobody was paying attention to it.

But when we returned and got the freshly filled bottle installed, the door side bottle calmed down and every one started smiling again.

From our chair in the Castle it looks like we are going to have another very busy day tomorrow. BUT we know how we plan to have tooooo much fun tomorrow night. At the Vallarta Mexican Restaurant having the Friday chicken fried steak special for supper.

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