Morning Sun


Good Lunch


Adventure Location: Martin Creek Lake SP

Adventure Date: 1-24-2023

Time: 1100

We spent a lot of time tracking the bad weather front moving across our planned path this morning. Finally we hit the time to choose what to do. Suddenly remembering that we did not HAVE to be anywhere at this point in the OFM life, we chose to sit the nasty weather out in this very nice State Park and relax with some Mexican food for lunch at a local restaurant and get busy coloring our latest effort. It certainly feels good to relax instead of fight a travel schedule.

Time: 1900

The continuous rain quit about 1800 this evening and it was a good thing. It has rained hard since a little after we awakened.

Here is a picture we took from the door of the Castle about 1700.

As the day moved along the rain got heavier and heavier. There are some flood warnings posted now for a few local creeks but not in this State Park thank goodness. For those who might want a nice natural park to stop in this is a very pleasant place in general and well maintained.

Body wise the OFM has pretty well recovered from the hip and knee difficulties of yesterday.

Lunch was Mexican food at the Rancho Grande restaurant up in town on the right about five miles away. It was mild on the burn factor but very well prepared and the vegetables were fresh. The OFM got to talk with the owner and talked salt water fishing for about fifteen minutes. It was a very nice lunch.

Then we went back to the Castle and got out the colored pencils and went to work on the next coloring coming up. The full page colorings take several weeks and this one is getting close to nearly finished.

That is about it for a slow day in the rain. Tomorrow early we roll westward with at least getting to Lexington Texas as the goal. We regularly stop there for an overnight and then we get back to the Coast with several hours to spare that next day instead of closing time for the State Park campground.

As the OFM has aged he finds he much prefers to not tow at night any more. Arriving with plenty of time to set up in the day light gently after the tow is much better for trying to have tooooo much fun Rving.


  1. Sounds like a pleasant day following a good decision! It has rained here off and on all day, not much above a drizzle, but I think it's the first time I've seen rain since November so it was a welcome sight. Glad the old body is feeling better. I am puzzled by the container in the last photo. Looks like some mushrooms, leftover stew, with some wet unsmoked cigarettes on top. Ugh. I know this is not correct. Just saying. But I have no clue what it is.

    1. That can is a former can of bean dip. The cigarettes are tortillons and cotton swabs I use to blend the colored pencil colors.. The funny things hanging in there in pieces are the shavings from sharpening the colored pencils. Notice the pencil sharpener right above the can. I use a manual sharpener since I can make the pencil points more exactly like I want them for the next part of the coloring effort. The picture was taken before I got everything separated to get busy coloring.

    2. Thank you. I am mightily relieved.

  2. Being able to hang out for an extra day because of the weather is a real gift. Safe travels & good weather tomorrow!

  3. When my S.O. and I began RV-ing we'd plan on 400 to 450 miles a day. Then it brilliantly occurred to us that we're retired. There's no need to rush. SOP now is 300 miles at the absolute maximum and a minimum of two nights wherever we stop for the night if possible. It's always nice to have the time to check out the local area even if (or maybe especially) we know we're not likely to ever be there again. And for sure it's always good to do setting up and tearing down in daylight.

    We had heavy rain yesterday here in Arkansas. The northern part of the state got quite a bit of snow, but none fell in Hot Springs. Hope the weather stays good for your travels.

    1. Two nights every stop is a fine way to travel!

    2. No hard and ridged rules in my stopping planning. to restrict me.