Morning Sun


Wreath Of Joy


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 01-13-2023

We had an early start today since we had to be at the dentists office early for a major cleaning and check up. A new item was an electronic imaging of the bone structure around your mouth and nasal area to check for odd things. The OFM was successful in not having any odd things. It was nice to see that the last fall with the chair attack did not cause any difficulty with any visible items in the scan. So we are comfortable that there will not be any bone surgery required next June. That is a bit of a relief. The cleaning and exam revealed the OFM's mouth area in great shape physically. Since the OFM has no dental insurance all his dental is a totally out of pocket. When it was all done the bill was $70 American. Thanks to Dr. Monge giving a senior and veteran discount to his patients. We have been going to him for over ten years and his and his office staff have always been very first class with the OFM.

A bit after the dentist trip we headed to Burger King for lunch in a short sleeve shirt. It was pleasant in the slightly cool gentle breeze when we went in. Twenty minutes later when we came out it was plain old COLD and got colder during the drive home. Brrrrr. When this cold front hit it really meant business.

Meanwhile when the OFM sat down to write the blog tonight he checked the camera and he had not taken a picture today so we have a great opportunity to to show the latest coloring he has completed a few days ago.

Here is Wreath Of Joy for your viewing.

It ate up quite a few afternoons and evenings trying to get enough layers of pencil to make it look as right as we know how.

We are still planning on getting rolling on January 21 morning heading for Goose Island SP down by Rockport Texas to visit old friends. So next week will be a week of slow getting ready to roll on down the road. It will be interesting to find out how well the OFM can do with 1.65 eyes of decent vision. We will have to be very careful for sure. With a little luck it will be warm enough on the trip south to get out of the rig and try to have tooooo much fun a few spots on the way.


  1. Wow, good price from the dentist, especially since they looked at your face bones. Which, nice to know are not altered by your desk chair encounter. Nice colors in your painting!
    Onward and upward.

  2. P.S. Or, if not upward, at least outward.