Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


The Last Six Months


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 01-05-2023

Nothing today seemed to have a plan to it. From a night of restlessness to a trip to the grocery store first thing this morning to blog writing time everything seemed to just happen. A very odd style of day for the OFM Teams. The travel plans start July 7 when we arrived here planning on leaving in mid September for some plans for a fantastic fall travels. Then everything being ruptured to say the least on August 23 when the OFM fell and smashed his right eye. And ABSOLUTELY NOTHING could be planned or even thought about being planned because what was going to happen to the eye had total control of our life. Late in December a little before Christmas day, the eye doctor agreed we could travel again from a medical point of view. Here we are a bit over two weeks later trying to make sure we have our end of the planning and preparing well in hand.

TODAY it finally started to come together to make firm plans on the start of a rolling adventure after SIX MONTHS of sitting involuntarily in one place for the first time since 10-07-2007 when we began our travels after quitting work in Richland Washington. We are not really confident we can safely get on down the road so a careful safe four day trip to Rockport Texas gets to start Saturday morning January 14.

Tonight the OFM found himself sitting here waiting for another shoe to fall in our plans.

BUT two pieces of mail, that were running a bit late in coming, showed up in great shape. And now we seem to have the list smashed down to a couple of minor things before we leave.

Today we confirmed with the campground that we can just pay the rent while we are gone and will be guaranteed that our site will be waiting for us whenever we come back. Not all campgrounds in popular locations like this one will allow you to hold a site unless you have a rig in the site all the time you are gone. The campground will use the site for the 179 day one night out of your site rule and that is fine by us. It is the same thing we did with the next door neighbors site a few days ago.

It is almost impossible to believe we will get to roll again.

So let us celebrate with the unveiling of our latest coloring with enhanced add ins by the OFM. Please welcome Good Morning Sunshine.

And now we need to rest so we can be vigorous in trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.