Another Plan Revision


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 01-07-2023

The day was very nice and we did get out for a little romp along the river to check on the fishing. Mr. Theo was in his spot and his fish basket had some active catfish in it, We visited with lots of glee for about ten minutes and then the OFM got walking again. We found that we could not maintain the previous preferred speed yet but we definitely had improved. The weather was nice.

This is the view towards the end of the walk as we got close to the soccer field.

We ended up with 2.8 miles according to Google Maps. It was a good work out and the knees were getting tired but were not painful.

The day did provide several surprises and our travel plans got a huge boost in options. Several things got changed in the planning and now we have more freedom of locations to go play after we leave Rockport Tx. The extra freedom and options certainly feels nice.

Back at the Castle we spent a bit of time getting some things put away for the Saturday morning rolling. The colorings that we had on the wall for display were taken down and placed in a plastic container we use for breakables. The jostling of the Castle while on the road has to be minimized on the pictures.

A final store visit for traveling food will be made Thursday or Friday and we will be set for the four days on the road. The weather is looking nice enough we should be able to comfortably boon-dock the first two nights. We will be able to boon-dock in Interstate Highway rest areas those two nights. The third night is at Sonny's campground in Lexington Tx that charges $25 for full hookups for the night and is a level pull through. The fourth night we should be in Goose Island State Park near Rockport for seven nights. Then the roaming gets going. The “Upstream along the river” plan is still roughly in place for now. Six more days and a hitch up to go. Then we can enjoy more freedom for trying to have tooooo much fun.

Big Change on 1-8-23 morning. Travel plan is cancelled. Details tonight. Nothing bad, just changed.


  1. Now I wish I hadn't checked for comments here! We---you and I--- were so excited that you were going to be hitting the road! :((