Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Rolling Plan


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 01-17-2023

Yep the get ready to roll started today. We have made arrangements with the folks that run the campground to return here soon after I roll out if my eyesight turns out to be not ready for rolling yet. We are thinking we will know if the eye is ready or not within an hour of rolling. That will be before we get to Birmingham and we can make a crossover and come back on the same day. These are nice folks to work with that operate this campground.

The morning was long and laborious as we started making and checking on final choices about things during the trip south. Everything seems to be back to working out. We have this planned as two days rolling, then one day of relaxing, then two days of rolling to get to Goose Island SP in Texas near Corpus Christi.

we have seven days reserved there before we roll somewhere again. How long we will be out rolling is not known. We need to be back to the eye doctor in June or July for the next(final?) exam.

During our careful get ready start, we considered any hard goods we wanted to add to the rig. Then we hit the big Walmart to get the items we wanted to add.

When we have some boondocking planned we like to have an electric razor to mow the OFM face now and then. We needed some new clothes pins after 16 years in the castle and we stopped at Hobby Lobby and their 40% off sale to purchase a small size booklet of watercolor paper to try out with watercolor pencils as the main medium of the paintings.

Tomorrow we plan doing a food inventory of the Castle to make certain we are stocked well for the five days of travel ahead. We are six months since last rolling and we want to be careful to be in full ready mode when we leave.

One big change, at least to us, is the plan to deliberately find a traveling pattern of rest vs rolling that is comfortable to the OFM now. We already have distance figured out on the rolling. Our planned maximum distance in a day is about 250-300 miles but we will be off the road by dusk if possible. That number is about 6 hours of comfortable rolling for us normally. We can comfortably get more on an Interstate but it is a good number overall for the Teams. It happens to be one and a half tanks of gas in distance on an Interstate. Sierra has been averaging 10mpg when towing normally. Those numbers put us at Martin Creek SP in Texas for the rest day. It is a regular stop for us and a nice pleasant place and a good place for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Looking forward to hearing about your trip and new location. Nothing like being rolling down the highway. I love driving long distance.

  2. I wish I could still safely ride a bike out in the desert.

    1. Ha! Me too...but I will get back to it in about 3 months. Right now, right knee wants to know why we are even trying. :-)

  3. Six months is a long time, but I'm betting you will be ready. No turning back. Just drive carefully and enjoy the trip.

  4. Martin Creek SP is a great place to stop. Happy Trails!

  5. OK then. Ducks are being gotten in a row. I suspect your fallback plan won't be operating. But if it does, well, it does. You've got some supplies - new clothespins for the laundry, and something to take care of that hair on your face, and most importantly, the watercolor pencils. All of which can be useful no matter where you are. Best wishes.

  6. The ducks got unruly today and I had to take "measures" with them and we are back on schedule now.