Hectic Day But Progress We Hope


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 01-10-2023

It has been a hectic and busy day of trying to bring together a rolling date for the Teams. Sort of like putting a jig saw puzzle together with a third of the pieces gone. But we have a viable attempt to show for our efforts. One thing that caused a lot of trouble is for parts of the traveling, the state parks did not have open sites at the right times or even close. So one might get set up somewhere and get to the next one and not even get close to working.

Our rolling date for now is January 21, 2023. The destination for the OFM Team is Goose Island State Park, Texas. From the registration site on the Internet it seems the park is basically totally full except for an odd week every couple of weeks.

We found that there was one site that we could make work if we got there January 25. We have a reservation for seven days and then we leave. We are hoping the rest of this years travels are not that cramped.

It was interesting grocery shopping this morning. We had planned to buy gas at the Walmart Neighborhood Market before going in to shop. WHAT! Five cop cars with lights flashing and cops with drawn guns. Two guys in handcuffs laying on the pavement. Nope, we will let them transact their business and get gas after we shop if they are gone. They were.

Shopping was a bit of a challenge. Apparently it had been a big weekend and the shelves needed a big restocking. The normal clerks were right busy restocking but there was a lot of empty spaces. We got all but a couple of items and plan to drop in in the morning to get them. This particular market has always seemed to work hard at keeping things on the shelves as they should be so our guess is a couple of trucks did not get there on time.

Anyway we did not starve today.

We got here July 7 last year planning on leaving right after Labor Day weekend. The chair attack was on August 23 so here we are seven months later finally getting a chance roll again after months of healing time. It has been a very LOOOOOOONG time in coming but we are ready to put some wear on the tires. We consider the right eye about 75% healed but the left eye is doing just fine since the cataract surgery on it.

The Teams are ready for some desert living. We miss it here in the rolling hills with pine trees in this area. The best part of this area for the OFM has been the nearly total lack of biting bugs. Yep no mosquitoes even.

There were a couple of pictures we planned to insert but that fool that operated the camera managed to eliminate the pictures from our equipment. Maybe next time.

It is time to rest for a hard day of trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.


  1. "Maybe next time." The story of my life these days! FWIW I've noticed empty spaces on Walmart shelves a lot for the last few months.

    1. You have too much in common with me. Better luck in the future my friend. Thank you for the comment , It is appreciated.

  2. Ready for some wide open spaces after all those trees, huh. I sure would be. I've never liked staying in the beautiful mountains with all those trees, but I sure like to see them from afar with big skies all around Soon!