First Dry Camping In Over Seven Months


Adventure Location: I-20 from Morton Ms. Into Texas

Adventure Date: 1-22-2023

We got rolling in good time this morning. The OFM was doing well after the good nights sleep dry camping at an Interstate Rest Area near Morton Ms. We let the Castle get down to low 60s inside and the sleeping was wonderful.

Rolling started early after dawn since we wanted to get in some miles while it was still Sunday morning. It proved to be an excellent idea as the traffic picked up right after lunch with all the weekend folks heading home.

Another great idea, Thank You Darrell Goza, was to use loop 220 around Shreveport La. Instead of fighting the I-20 road surface through town. 220 is much better to use to pass through that area without knocking your wheels off your vehicles.

The wet conditions followed us to Texas but stopped just before we entered the state.

We had nice rolling for the next about hundred miles to Martin Creek Lake State Park where we are tonight with electric service to fight the 30 degree predictions.

Here is the campsite we chose. Notice all the pine trees and vegetation with greenery.

We spent some time walking in the cold air but it was beautiful here. Take a look at this lake picture. They had a Bass Tournament here today. The lake is a cooling pond for the power generation plant on the other side of the lake. Any way we stopped counting boat trailers at 35 in the parking lot at the ramps. I was told the water is slightly warmer than the air temp out on the lake these days.

Here is our photo of a pretty scene near the boat ramps.

The OFM is doing so well eye wise that the extra travel day we had scheduled for “just in case” is not going to be needed, so we tried to book the extra day at Goose Island SP but they are totally booked. So now we are two travel days from the destination with three travel days to burn. We are betting we will find some way to use that day for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. AHA! Very good trekking so far. I am so glad. (Up here in Bwd, we've got a 100% chance of rain on Tuesday; so does Austin. I just throw that in FYI. Though you probably keep track of the weather. I noticed it because there's been no rain in forever....and this one might poop out, as has been the case so far.) I really like that last photo.

  2. I'm glad to see your trip is going good. If you're looking for a place to use that extra day,,,, you may want to check out Magnolia Beach just outside of Port Lavaca. It's free camping and would give you just a short trip on into Goose Island. Have fun, be safe. I hope to be back on the road in a couple of weeks.

    1. Thanks for the Magnolia Beach mention. I had not forgotten it but am very capable of not remembering it when I need to. I started going there in my late 20s for sea kayaking events but seem to forget about it and have to be reminded often, It is a lot nicer now days than it was in the beginning .
      It certainly is nice to be rolling again.

  3. Hey you backed the castle right into your spot...you did not lose the skill. Enjoy!

  4. It did take three tries. I am one over from when we met eons ago it seems.