Looking Good To Go


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 01-18-2023

Ok it was a new day so we got busy getting things back into traveling order. The seven months of not moving since July 7 and not knowing if we would ever get to roll again took its toll in readiness. In fact the OFM got a bit paranoid about what might be “not right” and we went through the whole Castle spot by spot and area by area to make sure we had things in rolling shape. It was not bad but definitely was worth doing. As things are now we feel we will be able to roll again with good safety and our mood lifted a lot when we realized that. As an aside we even managed to find some more to get gone and lighten the load.

Walking took a hit on the chin. It took three attempts in order to get in about 2 miles. Each time we set out something physical would object noticeably and we would go back to the Castle to take care of that ache. But we were very glad to get the kinks out and finally do a decent aerobic walk and it felt really good.

On the first attempt we started near a tree line as you enter the campground and noticed that a few pieces of vegetation were already sprouting spring growth.

That is a welcome sight for us. No more 4 degree days waiting to bite us again.

In the afternoon we had the windows open and enjoying the spring breezes through the Castle.

Tee shirt and shorts weather is very welcome as far as we are concerned. The last thing we carefully checked is all the tire pressures and to our surprise every one of them were right on specification on both the Castle and Sierra. Maybe that is a GOOD TRAVELING omen. Once again our plans are to be back in Decatur early summer for the eye exam. Until then we plan to cover some territory slowly and gently as we roll around trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Check the tire pressures, check the oil and have a great trip!

  2. OK then. All ready. I hope you can sleep and be all rested up for the departure. My very best wishes. Hope your first day back on the road is great.

  3. Thank you very much. Saturday night is planned for a night at an Interstate rest area. I hope they have cell phone service there.