Morning Sun


Rolling Happened


Adventure Location: I-65 and I-20

Adventure Date: 01-21-2023

After and extremely harsh night of worry and could not go to sleep, the OFM saw 0300 on his clock before he went to sleep. Then he was up by 0700 doing more worrying about things that might be forgotten or go wrong after so long off the road. We got rolled about 0900 and took our time to make sure the OFM right eye would be OK. It did prove to be acceptable and we kept on rolling.

A bit before noon the OFM called his son and let him know that things were going well enough that we would continue with the trip to the Texas coast and then elsewhere. So we continued to roll south towards Birmingham on I-65 with this for weather.

We managed to make the connection to Interstate 20 heading west with no trouble at all. The OFM was getting his rolling touch back and really glad it was returning. This ROLLING stuff feels real good. The weather got even worse as we headed west.

Between the lack of sleep and the cold and wet 45F weather the OFM called it quits at this beautiful boondocking campground just west of Morton, Ms.

We have stayed here a few times over the last thirty years and it is just fine after about 2200 at night. There is an automatic alarm clock about a half hour before dawn that sounds like 217 diesel transport trucks starting at the same time. We wonder about that a bit but just ignore it and go back to sleep.

But on a cold wet night this is not a great place for having tooooo much fun while boondocking.


  1. Well, sort of nasty weather, but glad you are ON THE ROAD. Hope you can catch up on your sleep. Glad you're on the way!

    1. Good news for sure. Maybe you are tired enough that you will sleep better and feel a bit more secure tomorrow. Will be looking for a post from Texas.

  2. Glad to see you made it to your first stop. Roll on!

    1. Yep back where we first met. Supposed to freeze tonight here.