Valid Weather Warnings


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 01-03-2023

We awakened to tornado alerts, flooding alerts and general bad weather alerts. After checking out the real story the alerts seemed to be in order for the next ten hours or so. By the time lunch time got here we were flooding slightly in the low portions of the campground. This is a big campground with about 240 sites. But the lake is four feet low on purpose to handle this sort of weather. So by the time it all ended about 1600 today the flooding had retreated to just some puddles in low spots in the access roads. No hail or trees crashing around us was wonderful.

While waiting on the weather to relearn to behave we were researching places to head after Rockport. Naturally SW Arizona was mentioned. We have been through that area before. We checked on the latitude and found that the Quartzsite/ Yuma general area are about 300 miles north of our frequent winter area around South Texas. In other words Yuma/Q are about as far north as Abilene Texas way up north on I-20. That is NOT warm territory like in South Texas. So we will plan on some warmer weather rving down in south Texas until things warm up a bit in the north Texas latitudes before going that far north again.

One of the nice asides to this bad weather as we had time to start trying out the new tea making tools and sampling the three new to the OFM teas we got as gifts. One thing for sure my Grand-kids mommy knows her tea and tea tools. We have been decaffeinated for a few decades and this naturally caffeinated tea is putting more kick into the OFM than he is used to. But good grief the blends are each very different and interesting to enjoy.

With nearly all the mail and ordered things having arrived here we have set a planned latest leaving date of the morning of 2-14-2023. With the first stop near Morton Ms. With the weather being cooler we may just boondock the interstate rest area near there. That would save $20 for that night. It is also far enough south of here to be a few degrees warmer that night. The OFM Teams try to stay under 300 miles a day when we are on Interstate highways. On other roads we aim for 250-275 miles a day when we are just traveling without meandering. We tend to tow at 60 mph.

The weather is supposed to be decent tomorrow so we need to get out an practice trying to have t o o o o o much fun.

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  1. Yuma & the surrounding area were warmer than Quartzsite, some good boondocking too. Some nice RV parks in the area.