Morning Sun


An Escort

 Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 8-31-2020
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The OFM hit the walking road at a decent pace this morning but we soon picked up a couple of interested followers.

Now why would those two buzzards hop from tree to tree to keep up with the OFM as he walked along the old highway. Maybe it indicates that he stinks like 4 day old road kill in the mornings. It certainly isn’t because he is such a sweet fellow we are sure. At least the OFM did not end up being breakfast for the buzzards. (yet)

During the afternoon it occurred to the OFM that spending some time camped around Foley Alabama might be a lot of fun since there is a good amount of history things to go experience and photograph.  It is only a one day tow from grandkid land. 

This evening we headed down to the lake to attempt some decent sunset pictures.  It was a moderately ok trip.  The better pictures were of the near full moon rising in the evening sky. Here is a nice picture of the moon we have for tonight.

When we returned to the Castle it was still pretty hot and Sierra agreed. Check out this temperature and the evening time. 

We are ready for cooler temps. Cooler temps would make it easier for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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