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 Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date: 8-19-2020

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The OFM woke up for a necessity visit and noticed it was 0615. So he went ahead and had breakfast and got the Teams ready and rolling for the morning walk at 277North campground. It is closed to camping but open to walking Mon- Fri.

Sierra was surprised at the early starting time but still got us over to the gate in fine fashion.  As the OFM stepped out of Sierra the sunrise started putting on a show to rival most sunsets.

After admiring the sun rise and COLD 73F temperature, the Teams go moving. We crawled through the gate and double checked our gear. About then the sun lighted the valley we were headed to.

Then we started off on our walk. But it was soon interrupted by a huge highway of red ants moving locations. The line was about ten feet long and the line about four inches wide. It was solid large red ants moving to a new apartment it seemed. The line went from one hole in the ground over to another hole in the ground.

Check out this traffic jam.

We watched a minute or two and decided that they were moving to this hole near our feet. So here is a closer look at the mob scene.

After all that excitement at the start it was a very pleasant walk all the way down the hill to the old creek bed at the bridges.

When we got there the OFM was meanderthalling around a bit and kept on hearing an odd sound. His worn out Viet Nam ears finally got a line on the direction of the sound.  It was coming from about a half mile away near the foot of the bridge. 

 Finally he got the camera in super zoom mode and could see it was some sort of critters milling around. A couple of pictures were attempted. Here is the least shaky one showing that a herd of goats were having a feast for breakfast.

So now we faced up the one mile long hill we had come down. Ok feet git goin. And we started back to Sierra. The good news is that we had plenty of drinking water and early like this means the tall shrubbery alongside the the middle section of the walk back up was shading our pathway.  So we made good time and when we got back to Sierra the sweat volume was small.  It was only 84F when we climbed back into Sierra to head for the Castle.

By the time we got back it was hot, so we spent most of the rest of the day doing things inside the A/C areas trying to have tooooo much fun in comfort.

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