Looking Sheepish

 Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 8-30-2020
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At the intersection of the Pecos River and Hwy 90 is a part of the Amistad NRA.  The picnic area sits on the edge of a cliff at the mouth of a canyon that joins the Pecos river canyon.  The opposite side of the canyon is home to many caves that can be seen from the picnic area. However to see the caves well you need eye help. Binoculars, telescopes or zoom camera lenses do well.

The fun is that there is usually some wild critters in one or more of the caves to see.  On this day it was sheep.  Here is what your normal eye will see from the picnic table.

Then we ran the zoom all the way out and looked into the many caves until we found the sheep.  They were all resting comfortably it seemed to us.

In just a minute or two after the shot above the lead sheep stood up and looked very intently at the OFM Teams a long way away. Apparently an order was given and all the sheep stood up. There was about three times as many sheep as we saw in the first picture into the cave.

Then they all exited the cave to our left by sliding down a steep sloped rock ledge. 

All of the sheep seemed to be very comfortable sliding down the slope and then calmly walking away on the rough terrain.

We never know what we will see in the caves but so far we have not seen any of the mountains lions that live in this area.  We have been coming to this spot to see the caves and critters since 1971 (we think).

Maybe the sheep went on their way to search for somewhere to try to have tooooo much fun.

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