Morning Peace

Morning  Peace



Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date 2-4-2020
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Work day today. The bathroom in the Castle needed a “deep cleaning” again.  The trouble is fitting an OFM into the room available. Then throw in the bad knees and left arm still recovering and the chore looks difficult. And it is.

The OFM gathered the tools for the job and strategically placed them for minimum scrambling around he hoped. Quickly he found out he had no real understanding of where to put the tools of the trade. 

The first indication of trouble was he needed to reach behind himself for an item with his left arm. No way that would happen.  So now he was faced with rolling over while in the cramped fetal position with his feet between the toilet and the vanity. Or he could unfold completely and stand up to reach over to get the tool.  Well he found out that his left arm was not strong enough yet to lift him up to his knees to get the rest of the way up.

Now for a question. How successful do you think an OFM with bad knees and a big belly would be at doing back flips inside a 55 gallon oil drum? 

In the mean time he finally slithered and flopped  enough to get the tool and go to work. Next he needed to get up and brace himself against something sturdy ( sturdy in a travel trailer?) so he could lean over the toilet to see behind it to scrub that area.  This worked as well as the flips in the barrel did.  

And so it went for three hours. Twenty minutes of contortions and five minutes of cleaning.  Then find a new contortion to admire that you lived through and recovered from.

And now the bathroom is ready for him to do the top half of the area. 

So it was obvious to the OFM that he needed to recuperate from the gymnastics before tackling the upper walls, cabinets and ceiling.  So it was three ibuprofen tablets and a nap that ended at supper time. 

We are sure that all that work tomorrow will be another wonderful day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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