Day and Night

 Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date: 8-23-2020

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Mr. L Knee and R. Knee were ready to walk this morning they said.  So the OFM got himself set and away we went to do the campground desert loop.  Sure enough the two Knees were able to traverse the up and down of the trail and the 1.5 mile distance with no trouble at all.  Maybe that means that about every fourth day needs to be a knee rest day. The nearly total lack of pain was wonderful. This did not mean that the OFM was about to attempt running again!

You may notice some slight changes on the OFM blog tonight.  We learned how to change a few things for the better and will be fooling around with settings for a few days.

Most of the day was spent in the Castle playing artist and learning about Line and Wash style of art.  It was very interesting to the OFM.  He is going to give it a go as the Brits say.

In the mean time we have another painting done in colored pencil ready to show.  The trouble we had with this one is the paper in the coloring book. It is not very good at all for wet washes like the OFM uses uses for leveling out the line marks of the colored pencils.  He likes to use alcohol washes as a smoothing solvent and it played the devil with the paper.  Anyway here is what it turned out to be like. Please welcome Day And Night.

The heat has turned back the thermostat a couple of degrees it seems. During the later than usual time today, the breeze and the temps were tolerable for the OFM Teams walking.  We are looking forward to the cooler weather in North Alabama in two weeks. Hopefully the dual hurricanes will skip Grandkid land.  

Now we need to figure out what to do tomorrow for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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