Morning Peace

Morning  Peace



Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 8-6-2020
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We made an early morning trip to the white flowers again today. The plan was to get a better picture of the white flower for identification and then head out for a walk. Yep that was the plan.

Look at the picture from yesterdays blog. Notice the loose rock filled slope. The OFM tried to use his zoom from on top of the slope.  The top of the slope is the road to the boat ramp.  He was unable to hold the zoom still enough for a decent picture.

After a few minutes of study he decided to attempt an approach from the bottom. So we looped out and around and came at the challenge from the bottom.

Oh Yeah! This looks like it can be done. Going up loose rock is a lot easier than coming down. So the OFM makes the attempt and is successful with not too much trouble. The flower is only about 10 feet up from the bottom starting spot.

We took several good pictures of the flower including this one.

Now it was time to go back down without falling. The camera was put away in a pocket so both arms could be used for balance.  The OFM was glad to be in long pants to hold the scratches from the bushes to a minimum.  

So with a careful balancing on his right (stronger) leg we started to step with the left foot. It turned out to be of no value. Before we could get the left foot down the rock under the right foot let go.

Now you scramble enough rock slopes in your life and you learn to always be ready to sit down quick no matter how dirty the landing spot is. So the highly experienced at sitting down quickly OFM just plopped himself right on the sharp pointed rocks and sat down. BUT the rocks he sat on decided to head down the slope also. It was panic time for a second before the sliding stopped.

Examination of the situation showed we were in a precarious position for walking down the slope now and there was a bit of pain from the twisted left knee.  After a bit of careful consideration, the OFM decided we needed to just do a butt slide slowly down the slope for about five feet and then check if the rocks were stable enough to attempt to stand up.

So we scooted on down SLOWLY until the OFM’s shoes touched the more embedded rocks. Very carefully he got himself up and we were clear of danger.

A few gingerly taken steps proved the left knee was only slightly damaged and we then walked gently and carefully back to Sierra.  Absolutely no thought was given to going on a morning walk.

Soon we were back at the Castle taking care of the knee.  We have the great pleasure of announcing that tonight it seems the knee is totally healed, so the damage must not have been much.

The flower has been identified as a local weed named Jimson Weed.  And tomorrow is open for another day of trying to have tooooo much fun NOT SCRAMBLING ON LOOSE ROCK ON A SLOPE.

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