Why Socks?

 Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date: 8-13-2020

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For some reason socks are a major item of left at the lake clothing. Everywhere we go there are socks laying around. And it is usually a pair not just one of them. Some are little like baby socks, many are kid size but probably a third of them are adult size socks. They are just hugging the rocks around the parking places for the most part.


But there is a good number of pairs of socks left along the shoreline. In a full week we find one or two other types of clothing but plenty of socks to supply a large chunk of the city. 

 However, the slow but steady supply of towels is wonderful. Everything from hand towels to gigantic beach towels are left for others to acquire. The latest style of debris is used face masks caught in the sticker plants ( mostly blackbrush plants) and left to rot.

The OFM’s DIL introduced him to adult coloring books several years ago. He thought they were neat but he wanted to do his own drawing to paint.

Fast forward a few years and the OFM was at the Amistad Visitor Center dropping off a kitty picture.  He happened to look at the books for sale. Hmm a nice adult cactus coloring book. That looks nice.

Now to back up a bit. The OFM is having trouble getting his shading correct when painting with pencil work, be it colored pencil, graphite or watercolor pencil.  It suddenly dawned on him this would be a great opportunity to practice gradient shading and a couple other techniques without having to make decent drawing first  or keep on scratching on left over paper for learning. So the book came home with us.

The front page has been colored.  Good grief it was a MAJOR learning effort. It came out nice but full of flaws that need to be prevented if he plans to get any good at this art stuff. 

There is about 30 more drawings in the book to work on. It should be a wonderful bunch of study and learning. In other words a fantastic way of trying to have tooooo much fun learning.

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