Morning Sun


Snake Crossing

 Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date: 8-8-2020

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Blogger is up to no good again. Had fits posting this entry.

It has been a good day in the desert out here north of Del Rio, Tx. The OFM got out under the overcast sky this morning with a good paced walk around the desert trail here at the campground. The only special happening was as he walked along the gravel trail, he noticed a snake had crossed the trail sometime before we got there. The squiggly markings in the desert dirt showed the path. We stopped and looked carefully around but saw no snake in the area. Onward we went with careful watching the trail and close brush. But it was just clear walking under the wonderful cloudy skies.

Later today we found out Oregon has started charging out of state park users extra fees up to 30% more to use the facilities. You can read their feeble stupid excuses at the Oregon parks web site if you want details. That takes Oregon state parks of the OFM travel locations to consider.

This heat here has really shut the OFM down for outside fun in the afternoon.  We meandered a bit this evening and did not last long in our effort at having tooooo much fun.

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