Walking Surprise


Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date: 8-25-2020

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We hit the trail this morning just before sunrise and it felt really good with the mild temperature and gentle breeze.  The trail started out dropping into an arroyo and winding around the contours of the hill. The OFM was watching for early morning rattlesnakes when something in front of the Team moved slightly.

We made a sudden stop and looked up the trail to the turn about twenty feet away. There he stood with velvet still on his 6 point antlers.  It was a fine specimen of a West Texas white tail deer. He calmly stood there in the middle of the trail while the OFM got the shakes while trying to get the camera into action.

About the instant we got the camera into action the deer turned slowly and started to walk off. So this is what we got. This is no zoom at all and just about the same image the OFM was seeing at our close distance.

We kept the camera at the ready and walked gently, slowly but not creeping like a predator. Moving like a poor foolish trail walker the deer likely sees every day. And sure enough there he was camouflaged by the vegetation watching for our next action.  Not afraid by any means but still being careful.

As we moved a little more down the trail, the morning sun started to peek over the brush line and gave us this great light show along with the buck deer.

We continued out journey this morning and there were doe deer out and about all over the place.  But the buck event was so special it was all the OFM could think about for quite a time period. 

Sometimes a special event like this makes the whole day great and is a days worth of trying to have tooooo much fun all in about five minutes.

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