Colored Tape

 Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date: 8-16-2020

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The best the OFM can recall, Sierra never even moved today and that is unusual. The morning walk went well on the campground desert loop. The only thing of special interest was new surveyor colored tape in a few spots along one of the fences between the campground property and the neighbor to the east.  Maybe something is eventually going to happen along there.

Laundry was done today. While waiting on the machines a fellow and the OFM got to talking. It seems that a couple more pipelines are coming through here in a week or three.  The campground will likely fill up for a couple of years again. If that happens then the OFM Teams will not be able to get a spot here for a good while.

And part of the re-ordering the inside of the Castle was completed with good results.  The OFM is hoping to “stream line” our living style a bit more. We have not a clue as to what will be next but you can bet it will be an attempt at making trying to have tooooo much fun easier.

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