Smart Rabbit

 Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date: 8-17-2020

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We finally have a comfortable walking route at the Spur 454 recreation area. It starts at the boat ramp and heads back toward the entrance gate a few miles away. Our route takes us up and over two good hills and three valleys.  

Along the way we get to see lake views and usually some wildlife, not the human kind, to enjoy.  This is the route we recently got pictures of the kitty. The route is a little bit over 2.8 miles and very good footing for all but a few yards down by the boat ramp.

Today there has been a bunch of buck deer running around in the area. Most are 4 or 6 point deer but late this evening we saw three 8 point bucks down near the boat ramp.

We met a smart rabbit today while on the morning walk. We were on our way back and crossing the second valley when the OFM noticed a large rabbit sitting in the shade of a slender shrub. That rabbit had got lined up just perfect to be in the shade. Notice the rabbit is shaded but the nearby vegetation is in bright sunshine, and it was hot sunshine.

We think that rabbit must know something about trying to have tooooo much fun.

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